Get Together events and gatherings.

fontevraudWe enjoy keeping active and hold varied events each month including our popular Walking Group, Book Club & Library, History Group, Reading Circle and regular social events.

See below for more details on our activities and forthcoming events.

Forthcoming Events

Second Reading Group – Friday 3 May 10.30 am in Scile

Discussing Washington Black by Canadian author Esi Edugyan

Lunch and Wine Club – Tuesday 7 May 11.30 am in Cherveux

The club for May will be held at Lesley and Neils home at Cherveux. The theme for the food will be Mexican with appropriate wines

Quiz Night – Thursday 9 May 6.30 pm in Fomperron

Our next quiz is to be held in Le Bistro des Amis in Fomperron. Please note the start time of 6.30 prompt. The bar will be open from 6.
The format will be similar to last November’s quiz with conundrums, music and pictorial rounds along with 60 general knowledge questions.
There will be an entrance charge of 2 euros per head payable on the night

Southern Walk –  Saturday 11 May 10.30 am in Chey

The main walk is approximately 7.5km along quiet roads and tracks, with a shorter walk of about 4.5km. Lunch has been booked at Les Trois Pigeons restaurant in Chenay and will consist of Buffet, plat & dessert with a ¼ wine and coffee included for 16€.

Photo Group – Monday 13 May 2.00 pm in Menigoute

This month looking at landscape photography

Library Club – Wednesday 15 May 2.00 pm in Scille

The first date for the new library club hosted by Joyce Roberts. Coffee and biscuits will be available.

First Reading Group – Monday 20 May 2.00 pm in St Jean de Sauves

Reviewing The Silver Pigs by Lindsey Davis, an introduction to the world of first-century Roman detective Marcus Didius Falco.

Northern Walk – Friday 31 May 10.30 am in Pont Romain

Our walk will start from Le Pont Romain near Cerzeau. The walk is about 7km and there will be a shorter walk of approx. 4km.
Lunch will be taken at the Restaurant de la Gare, Monplaisir on the rue de gatine Montplaisir. The cost of lunch will be €12.90 and will consist of buffet starter, meat, fish or vegetarian main course, buffet cheese/dessert & wine.


Lunch  and Wine Club – Tuesday 4 June 11.30 am in Menigoute

The last group for this season, the next being October,  will be held at Martin’s home at Menigoute. The theme for the food and wines from Italy.

You can download the list of activities in the monthly newsletter here.


Activities List

Walking Group A 7-8 km walk held on the 2nd Saturday and the last Friday of each month. Organised by individual Members with a meal at a restaurant afterwards, which non-walking members can also attend.
Book Club/Library Held on the 1st Monday of each month at a Members home. A lending library of over 500 paperback choices. Coordinated by Beryl Brennan
History Group Bi-monthly talks by Members on Anglo/French history and summer visits to historical places.
Reading Circle Adhoc meetings at a Members home to discuss and review the latest novel read by the group. Reviews of all the books read can be viewed  in the PDF below.
Photography Group The group meets once a month generally at a members home, with the aim of understanding how to use our cameras and learning the secrets of good photography
Lunch & Wine Club Meets monthly where people bring and share a starter and a dessert with a talk on and tasting of a particular wine complimentary to the dishes
Family History Group Geneaology group which meets month ly to share information on researching family members.
Curry Club Meets monthly for a bring and share lunch featuring curry dishes prepared by members.
Craft Club Meets monthly where members share hobbies such as card making, cake decoration, painting, needlecraft, visit craft exhibitions.
Social Events Quiz Night, Summer BBQ, Summer Garden Party, Information Talks, Horse Racing Day.


If you would like to hold an event of any sort please contact the Coordinators, they will check if the date is free, discuss the details with you and let you know the date they need information for the Newsletter. We welcome volunteers (especially new members) to organise events which we would assist them with if necessary. All members are very welcome at any Get Together event wherever it is held. All information for events and events reports should be sent to the appropriate Coordinator first rather than to the Newsletter Editor direct.

If you are planning a large non Get Together event and you would like us to try and not have an association event clashing with it please also contact the Coordinators.


Reading Circle

You can view the latest list of books read by the group, please click the PDF below.

Reading Circle Book Reviews_March2018

History Group Library

The idea for creating a GT History Library came as a result of receiving the very generous donation from Carol Andrews – a past President of GT – of her late husband’s collection of 250 history books, journals and miscellaneous articles acquired over a number of years. Keith had been one of the founder members of the History Group.

This collection has been augmented by a similar number contributed by Vaughan Wells such that the library now comprises a comprehensive collection of reference and text books, biographies and articles on aspects of world history with special emphasis on events in Britain and France.

We owe Carol a big thank you for her kind generosity in making this material available and thus ensure that Keith’s interest and enthusiasm for history can be passed on to both present and future members of the Association.

Jeremy Luckett, Chairman, GT History Group Committee, April 2015

The Group are very pleased to accept the collection of history books and genealogical tables of English and European royal families from the estate of John and Pauline Tonks who died within a few months of each other recently. John and Pauline had been members of GT since coming to France in 2007, following their retirement and their marriage in England. Both had a longstanding interest in genealogy and as well as running courses in the subject for GT members, John had traced his own family back as far as King Canute. A particular interest was the family trees of English and European royal families and their interconnections as a result of which the Collection contains a large number of history books on monarchs and prominent public figures of their time.

The History Group is delighted to receive this kind donation from John and Pauline who, as well as being members of Get Together were also members of Les Jardiniers de Poitou gardening club and active in raising funds for the Combined Services Support Group.
Jeremy Luckett, Chairman, G.T. History Group Committee, February 2016

Requesting/returning a book or article:

The Library is available to all members of Get Together, but you must be a registered user. The catalogue is available to download below or a hard copy can be consulted at History Group meetings. Requests should be submitted by e-mail to, or by hand at HG meetings. For books you will need to include your user number, the author and the title; for articles please include also the reference number to be found on the right-hand side of the listing. The maximum loan period is two months, or one month if the book/article is in heavy demand: the maximum number of books/articles that can be borrowed at any one time is four. A list of dates and times when books/articles can be collected/returned (usually at Menigoute) will be regularly updated under Forthcoming Events above.

NB: Library services are free of charge, and operated on a voluntary basis by the History Group Committee. Donations from GT/HG members are welcome, however, and will be forwarded on a six or twelve monthly basis to the cancer charity [CLIC Sargent] in memory of Keith Andrews.

History Library Book List